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Cherpack Seminar Room Maka offers a poignant exploration of displacement, identity, and belonging by presenting Geneviève Makaping’s life in Italy and perilous migration journey. By sharing Makaping’s experience as the first Black news editor in Italy, Maka is about a Black woman reclaiming the narrative and speaking out against the media representation of immigrants. Maka […]

Cherpack Seminar Room The myth of the orator as a colonizing figure served to promote the studia humanitatis as a commitment capable of fostering a successful career for teachers and writers, leaders and officials, preachers, diplomats, and translators, but also as an overtly coercive and colonizing means at the disposal of Renaissance rulers. As such, […]

Van Pelt Library, 6th Floor The concept of otherness has been at the center of many studies in humanities and the social sciences, ranging from sociology to international relations, in both gender and post- colonial studies. Otherness focuses on the idea that minorities or groups are affected by power dynamics that shape their position in […]