Placement Exams (Spanish, French, and Italian)

NSO 2022 exam dates, times, and the registration form can be found on the NSO Exam Info Page.

Students in the Schools of Arts & Sciences, Nursing, and Wharton must fulfill the language requirement specific to their school’s policy.

  • Students in Arts & Sciences and Nursing have a 4-semester requirement.
  • Wharton students entering Fall 2017 and later have a 2-semester requirement.
  • Engineering students who wish to enroll in a language class may use the online test for placement into the correct level.
  • Students in dual degree programs should consult the requirements of both programs to determine which language requirement applies to them.

Placement Departmental Exams

  • Incoming students who did not place out of the language requirement via the SAT II, AP, or IB HL exams should consult the information linked below to proceed with placement and/or exemption.
  • Be aware that each language has a specific process. Spanish and French require students in SAS, Nursing, and Engineering who have previous language experience to take an online language test to determine eligibility for the in-person exam.
  • Detailed information can be found by following the appropriate links in the sections below.
  • Wharton students are not eligible to take the online test and must sit for the in-person departmental exam for Spanish, French, or Italian.
  • After NSO, make-up exams are offered a few times a semester. Contact the Undergraduate Coordinator for more information.

Students in Arts & Sciences, Nursing, and Engineering

Spanish and French


  • There is no online placement test for Italian.
  • Students without an AP, SAT II, or IB HL score should take the in-person department exam during NSO.
  • After NSO, make-up exams are offered a few times a semester. Contact the Undergraduate Coordinator for more information.
  • For more information, see the Italian placement page.


Wharton Students

Spanish, French, and Italian